Sunday, November 14, 2004

June Lake

After shooting for whole day (Mono lake sunrise, Bridgeport, Bodie), many from the group decided to rest that evening (10/09) but 3 photo crazy guys wanted more & went looking for places to shoot at sunset.

June Lake loop was on Steve's agenda for next day but we thought we'll do it today. The loop is actually a drive around June Lake, Silver Lake & one more lake (name escapes me right now), with some parts of it going along the lake shore.

The clouds were gathering & sun was going to set in 1/2 hour & we hadn't found our spot yet. Instead of wasting anymore time, we decided to just settle at the next shore we find. We saw the sign for June lake marina & decided to go there.

I like these two shots the most from the evening.

Next... last chapter of this trip: South Tufa Sunrise & Tioga pass drive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are killing me Durgi :)

Great shots again.

Run the first sunset through velvia and see what happens.


7:36 AM  
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