Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Guardians of the Valley

On our way to Mono lake we (Jeff, Rob & I) stopped at Yosemite during the day. It was bright sunny day with lots of photo opportunity, but we were rushed for time so didn't explore lots of good spots.

This picture is from the "Gates of the Valley" spot which I like to call "Guardians of the Valley".

This is one of my favorite spots in yosemite & in my opinion the least photographed one.

This is the last spot on the northside one-way road going out of the valley, which I think is a design flaw. This should have been the first spot entering in the valley. No one gets to see this view until they are ready to leave the valley & by that time most are so tired to enjoy the beauty of this view. I read somewhere that the average time a person spends on feet in a day in Yosemite NP is about 2 hours, which is a shame.

Magnificient El Capitan on the left, Cathedral rocks on the right. You can hardly see Bridal Veil falls from here, there's not much water left by October. Yosemite falls was completely dry. I was told that only Vernal & Nevada falls have water during this time of the year.

This was my second trip to Yosemite within a month. I enjoyed every bit of it.
Later I'll put some pictures of my previous (September '04) trip when we spotted some climbers on El Capitan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is a wonderful photo. I love the depth, the vibrant colors and just about every thing for this photo.

Well done.


7:35 AM  
Blogger Durgesh Srivastava said...

Thanks Anand. I am planning to print this one 20x30 from el-co.

1:33 PM  

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