Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bodie - The Ghost Town

After shooting for more than 2 hours at Marina, we headed for breakfast in Bridgeport, a small & quiet town.

Road to Bridgeport was very scenic but we didn't stop to shoot. At the restaurant Michael showed us a picture he took on his way. That just did it for us, we had to go back :)

This is one of my favorite from that shoot.

Jeff, Rob & I got almost the same shots here.... Jeff's featured on front page of a professional printing site Congrats Jeff!!

Next stop - Bodie: the best preserved ghost town of America.
More than $100M worth of gold was mined here. It had the worst reputation too, rumour had it that everyday a murder was commited in Bodie before sunrise. Today it is mostly deserted, no one lives here except for few park rangers.

This car in Bodie, I believe has been photographed if not millions, several hundred thousand times, yet every picture I have seen tells a different story.

Also, check out Michael Soo's Bodie Gallery.


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