Sunday, May 08, 2005


I processed this image last year after the shoot, though I wasn't satisfied with my results.

The person in the shot climbed up the Tufa hoping to shoot the sunset from up there. As we all were waiting for sky to turn colors, I asked him to lift his hands and pose as he's seen in the shot.

Within few minutes the colors were changing fast and this buddy was still up there in almost every other photographers frame; everyone shouted at him and made him come down.

My intention was to take a silhouette but I messed up the metering and got an averaged shot; since I shot in raw I was able to post process it to darken the tufa and change it to what I intended.


Blogger Durgesh Srivastava said...

Thanks Anand.

Yes, completely dark foreground figure would make this image even stronger.

I was thinking of one of the Rowell's photo when I asked this guy to lift his hands, but I screwed up :(

I screwed up again on the metering, I shouldn't even be using the matrix for this shot.

"I am trying to get out of the Matrix & be spot on." ;)

4:37 PM  

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