Saturday, May 07, 2005

Looking back at old photos...

Anand's post made me think about my old photos which are neither deleted nor processed... just sitting on the hard drive;
I happen to have a bunch of them (say couple of thousands..).

Actually I am afraid to say, that I have not being deleting any photos...
ok just a few.. which I know that I will never give a second look.

Well, anyways..... since Anand & I are making plans for an Eastern Sierra trip next month,
I decided to take a look at my last year's Mono Lake trip collection, more than half of which I haven't processed yet.

Here's 2 of them which I ended up working on tonight.

This dramatic sunset was on the 1st evening I was there.
They say you can see lenticular clouds (also known as Sierra Waves) formation very often in the Owens Valley.

This is yours truly, deep in thoughts... shot by Rob, in the background is the Sierra.


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